Integrate Products Personalization Technology to Your business.
  • Create an account for Your company and identify the products You provide.
  • Instantly receive links to online editor allowing Your customers to personalize your products.
  • Add those links to your web site, or pass them to Your customers in another way.
  • From now on Your customers are able to customize Your Products and results of customizations will appear on Your account in the form of orders.
Let Your Customers Draw
Dreambox provides You with Online Editor that can be used by Your Customers for personalizing Your products directly in the web browser.

Examples of Personalizable Products

Business Cards, Mugs, Photo Blocks, Greeting Cards, Wedding Invitations, Place Cards, Baby Products, Plastic Cards, Bags, Balloons, Beer Mugs, Canvas, Car Flags, Clocks, Door Plates, Framed Tiles, Fridge Magnets, Frisbees, Glasses, ID Badges, Jewellery, Jigsaws, Keyrings, Laptops Covers, Lighters, Luggage Tags, Metals, Boxes, Mousemats, Napkins, Photo Frames, Plates, Soft Toys, Stickers, T-Shirts, Ties, Towels, Umbrellas, Wallets, Water Bottles, iPhone iPod iPad cases.

Increase Your Sales
Millions of products exist in our everyday life. Customers are choosing between these products, but what makes the product unique and attractive? We believe it is personalization. If there is a possibility to personalize some kind of product, it becomes unique and special. Each personalized product can be a wonderfull gift, or a memory... in other words, it increases its value. People will always be attracted to an opportunity to make something unique, something that reflects their ideas and spirit.

Free to Use Service
Dreambox Editor is currently a free service. Once we decide it deserves to be a paid service, we will set a monthly fee, but it always be fair and reasonable.
Automate Your Business
Dreambox Editor can be associated with each of Your products. This means, that editor drawing area will exactly match the size of the specified product. Moreover, You will get the result of customer work in the format required by Your manufacturing devices.

Need something custom?
Some product is missing in our list? There is no required layout for your printing device? Need customer's data in some other format? Contact us, and we will add your product/layout to the database free of charge.